Sunday, December 30, 2018

Disable Sleep Mode XYtronic LF-1600 Soldering Station

I have this soldering station which has served me well since I bought it. However, it has this annoying thing called 'sleep mode' which lowers the temperature to 150 ºC every 15 or 30 min. For me, that engages too often. Maybe they tried to mimic the sleep feature of top of the range stations, but since no sensor is in the stand to detect when you leave the iron, the implementation is poor and bothering.

I've always wanted to disable the feature, but in the owner's manual that came with my unit, the option seems to be missing. Now, I've found it explained in the manual of the model LF-1700 and I've discovered it's implemented in the firmware of my unit too. It's worth to mention that I couldn't understand shit from the chinenglish? of the manual, so that's the main reason to explain it properly here.

By the way, besides LF-1600 and LF-1700 this will probably work for more models.

So..., steps:

1. Turn on the unit.
2. Press SET for 4 seconds and '---' will blink in the display.
3. Press UP 10 times until '010' is in the display. This is the default 'config password'.
4. Press SET to enter the config menu.
5. Press DOWN several times until 'F-3' is in the display.
6. Press SET to enter.

At this point '100' should appear in the display, which means 'sleep mode enabled'.

7. Press UP or DOWN and the display will change to '000', which means 'sleep mode disabled'.
8. Press SET twice to exit.

Tell me in the comments if it helped.

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