Saturday, July 28, 2018

Superlux HD662 EVO review vs. HD668b

I am a satisfied owner of the 668b, I’ve been using then for a long time (I wrote a review here when I got them) and now I want to tell you what the differences are respect to the 662 EVO, which is very handy if you plan to buy one of these.

If you’ve read any review of any of the contestants you’ll know the basics, like the 668b are semi-opened vs the closed 662, the differences in technical numbers, the 662 includes spare velour pads… I’ll leave that bullshit apart and will try to focus on the important things that you can’t find easily in the internet.

First things first, the sound: it’s very good and noticeably different from the 668b’s. The treble is brighter and sparky, but not bothering high as someone say, it’s just a bit louder. The mids stay ok, no problem with that. The bass is noticeably boosted in the lower frequencies of the bass region, but again, not disproportionate at all. The overall sound is great, the boosted bass is very very pleasant compared with the more flat response of the 668b.

 The insulation of the closed back headphones versus the 668b is dramatic. I’ve only tried the ‘leather’ pads and they insulate good when they push against your head. People can still hear sound escaping if you turn the volume up too much, but believe me, the insulation is good and you can’t expect cero sound escaping with high volume with any headphone. That being said, without a doubt I affirm the 662 are office/library suitable.

One thing that really surprised me was the quality, as the internet said it was poor. Not to me. The building quality is very good, the structure of the 668b is much more flimsy and flexible, but the 662 are more rigid and feel better.

Pads and comfort
The velour pads are just that, velour. They aren’t my ‘cup of tee’. The ‘leather’ ones have nothing to be with the 668b plastic ones. The 668b’s are thick plastic and the 662’s are soft thin leather. The force that the headphones put in your head is the right amount, being a bit too much at first but it’s expected that overtime they get more loose. Overall, they’re noticeably more comfortable that the 668b and less warm.

The price difference isn’t significant so it’s no factor. Moreover, the value for money is higher in the 662.

If you want good headphones to listen to music with nice bass, nice look and good insulation get the 662. They are now my recommendation for general purpose. If you need for some reason a flat response (audio mixing/producing) I definitely wouldn’t use the 662, in that case, 668b.
Hope it helps.