Tuesday, September 27, 2011

White or black? Does grey exist? 2

I think I have a verdict.

Think in black and white is an usual brain error. It's called "Polarized thought" and it's a kind of "Cognitive distortion".
It may be difficult to change but I don't want to be wrong.

White or black? Does grey exist?

I've listened about the existence of grey colour. Until know I think I only know about white or black. Today, someone made me think.

I love technology, here, one mind with only black and white colours is welcome. Firstly, that worried me.
Later I realised that I love music even more than technology and I feel an active music player, so I don't think a musician only can think in black or in white. I'm a bit confused.

Maybe I am wrong about what kind of person I want to be...
I'll go to find something out...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 4

Do you remember when I explained my situation with drummer words?:

Imagine that in the music shop are available a fantastic drum kit and a fantastic cymbals set. Both worth buy and both have the same prize, but you only can choose one.

Now, imagine you get both.

Well, I think I've gotten a full music warehouse. Excellent.
But be careful, don't tell this too aloud.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Music for Sunday night #18

I don't listen too much Spanish music, but this band is really good. Tonight Warcry show us one of the best songs (although there are a lot). Enjoy it!


I think I already know how to manage a blog correctly.

On strager tides

Tonight I watched an incredible film, Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I didn't remember how amazing were these films!!! I was perplex when the film finished!!! The best: Johnny  Deep, Penelope Cruz and a good soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. I really recommend it to you, it's the best film I've seen this year!
Here is the official trailer, brilliant:

Pendrive reparation

There was an old pendrive in my drawer, my first pendrive. It is around 6 or 7 years old and it has fallen a lot of times. I left it because it wasn't sure to keep my files. It usually failed and in the end, it finished in my drawer. Sometimes I tried to connect it but didn't work. I didn't like having a pendrive and can't use it, and on top of everything all my pendrives are full with linux live SOs. I needed it!

Today, I had a free Saturday afternoon and I tried to fix it. At first glance all was ok, there are not many  things that you can fix in a pendrive. One of these was a suspicious capacitor. It had a wrong pin which doesn't connect with the printed circuit.

I decided to separate the other pin too to solder both better.
It was a bit difficult because, as you can see, I had less than one square mm to solder. I couldn't fail.
Finally I got it!!!
 Yeah! It worked when I plugged in!!! 2 Gb more of fun!
I won 2 things, a pendrive and a bit more of experience.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Double pedal

When you buy a drum kit, it usually has a simple pedal to play the kick like this:
My drum kit obviously had one when I bought it. I've practised a lot with it and I'm quite pleased with the result.
Heavy metal and hard rock bands have a drummer who uses a different pedal to be able to play faster. Today, my new drum teacher brought one of these pedals to the class. It name is "Double pedal", look a picture:
 I'm rather advanced in rhythms with single pedal, but I have no experience with one of these wonders. I was surprised, I'd always wanted to play the kick with one and today I've done it. I've enjoyed like a little kid.
After mounting it, my teacher showed me a book to practise with double pedal from the beginning. I've tried during little time and then he told me that I could do what I want, I could practise any rhythm I want or any song I listen! Great! It has been a wonderful although short experience, but I was happy. Also, the pedal I've tried is a very good and expensive pedal, so better.

In the end of the class, my teacher told me, he's going to bring the pedal to the next class too. I'll wait...!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 3

Well, let me think, how can I explain myself? Here is an analogy with drummers words:

Imagine that in the music shop are available a fantastic drum kit and a fantastic cymbals set. Both worth buy and both have the same prize, but you only can choose one.

Now, imagine you get both.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Food for The Eagle

Do you remember a post called "Religion"? It was about a speech by Adam Savage where he told about beliefs from his point of view. You can see the post here.

I've used this text for a classwork, so I've inspected it very slowly and now I agree even more with him.

Music for Sunday night #17

Tonight, we're listening an amazing song by Full Blown Rose. This song is originally by Phil Collins but this band has gotten an incredible mix and a perfect sound. The first time I listened to it was in a TV series. It got my hair stand on end. Please,  enjoy listening.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

It's been unforgettable.

INK Printers

Hello. Today, I'm quite angry (although I'm listening to music rather loud) so I apologize for my vocabulary and errors.

Today, I want to write about INK printers. I hope it's interesting for you.

1.- Kinds of ink printers.

There are two large kinds of printers: Good printers, like HP... Or fucking printers, such as fucking EPSON.

Good printers are printers which people who buy them are proud of the buy, before and after.
Fucking printers are printers which people who buy them are deceived and are proud of the buy for a few days.
Let me show you a comparative.

2.- Myths. Comparative.
  •   1: EPSON printers print with a better quality than the others printers.
Fake. You have to use EPSON printers with low quality option enabled unless you want to go to buy cartridges 40 times per month. Also if you are Bill Gates or if you have a ink factory behind your bed, you can afford to enable photographic quality option BUUUTT you have to BUY EPSON photopaper (I'd call it "EPSON toiletpaper"), because if not, a big shit will be printed by your dear machine. HP have a normal quality when you activate NORMAL quality, this in EPSON world mean "fucking low quality".
  •  2: EPSON printers do a internal cleaning sometimes to extend your printer life.
A bitch woman from customer support told me about this. This is a fucking shit. Each time you switch on your printer you are loosing ink. Why? Umm. [censured]. This way, if you are a lazy boy and are bored you only have to turn on and off the printer around 10 times and your ink will finished like drugs in a party. I've never heard about this in HP.
  •  3: EPSON printers can use only B/W cartridge if you want.
Don't waste your time, EPSON will use always every cartridge. HP doesn't do it.
  • 4: All EPSON cartridges are high capacity. 
I read in a magazine EPSON genuine cartridges let you print about 250 pages each one. I think the guy who writes that was smoking joints in that moment. I feel veery lucky if my B/W cartridge, with low quality enabled, can print 60 pages.
  • 5: EPSON cartridges keep in a bit of ink to avoid the cartridge dry.
If you open a EPSON cartridge after be rejected by the printer you will 48 litres of ink wasted. What do EPSON I do with the ink? Should I sniff it?
  • 6: EPSON cartridges are cheaper than others.
A stone is cheaper and useful than a fucking EPSON cartridge. 
  • 7: EPSON separate the colour cartridge in several ones to be easier to manage them.
Shit, fucking lie. I think EPSON want to you go to the shop 3 times per day to buy cartridges and take advantage to be fit walking. There are 2 possible ways.
    • 7.1 Your colour cartridges are finished same time.
                    Oh! Perfect! You only have to go to the shop and spend the money with which you'd be able to buy one and a half of other mark. 
    • 7.2 You colour cartridges are finished at different time. 
 Great! You won't realise that the money you spend and you also enjoy going to the shop to buy twice more than normal.
3.- Do you think you can hack fucking printers? Read this. 

You can download the fucking "SSC utility" program to try to hack the cartridges' counter, but I don't work unless you have a printer since the third year after Christ. Your printer won't be compatible.

The other way is using a small machine to reset the chip of your cartridges, the trouble is the fucking machine only is able to reset cartridges twice, they have to be genuine and to pass a lot of requirements. 

4.- FAQ and advices. 

- Have EPSON printers got any good characteristic? Yes! Of course!... No, I'm sorry.    
- What should I do? You can burn or hurt your EPSON printer.

Finally, what happen with compatible cartridges? I'll try them soon. I don't mind my printer explode.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Keen on

I am usually not keen on the first day of class, never I've liked it and never will do it.

PS: I've just realised every year I write about this...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exam skills

My skills for the exam are improving. I'm very pleased with my progress. I don't feel it but I know I'm knowing more English each time. I think it's like when a person grow up, you feel nothing but in the end you realise.

My English knowledge is very similar. I think I can't learn a lot more but I haven't stopped learning. One day you get up and try to speak in English, you're a slow speaker but you can say all you want to say with efficiency. One night you try to write in a blog which you opened to improve your English, sometimes you think it was a good idea but you want to have go a blog in your language to be able to speak better and to use different expressions which you think in your language. But you follow forward until you realise all you're doing is working. You're able to write almost with no stops and with no too many errors. That's progress.

Sometimes, when you listen to a English person while speak, you think "I won't be able to do that. It's impossible, it's too fast, she's English". But, however you can understand the majority of the words and if you're lucky you understand each word. Then, you can speak, not too fast but fast enough. In those instants I think "you aren't English but you can express yourself and keep a good conversation".

I always use the dictionary in my posts, although less each time. Sometimes I don't mind if the spelling checker has selected the language I'm writing 'cause I'm sure what I do. I like it.

All this text and several things made in these days are product of my preparation for the exam (better said in plural). I recently knew when I pass this exam I'll have to face to a five hours exam which if I'm lucky I'll get to pass. If I get the certificate, in the future, I'll be able to get a work as a secretary or as a manager in a country abroad. I don't want to work as them but this example is necessary to realise that the power of a paper. You can know how to speak English or you can have got a paper which guarantee that you can deal with English people in a job. That's important and difficult. I'm not the most appropriated person to pass the exam according to statistics. I'm not more than 25 and I'm not a woman. But I know I'll get it. I don't have neither a lot of time nor little time, but I know I'll get it because I know I'll get it because I trust in me as a student and as a person.

If you want, you can wish me luck. But I won't fail 'cause I won't consider that possibility until I fail. But it won't happen.

PS: It's time to go bed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funny Song

This afternoon, I've discovered how to play a known melody with the guitar. Also, I've taken advantage to use my contact microphone. Listen to it:

I don't have why to be jealous of Pretucci.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Play Station reparation

Yesterday night, I had small problems with my Play Station 2. There were some troubles with the cover opening system. Today, I've opened my machine (it has been the first time I do that with the mine but not with others).

The problem was in the opening sensor. This kind of Play Station has 2 sensors dedicated to this. I need to have hacked the tow sensors to be able to open the cover while the machine is working. The first one is near on/off button, and it's easy to deceive it. The second one is more difficult to find.

There was the problem! It's very difficult to deceive it. Until now, I've have some troubles with the way with which had been hacked.

Fortunately, I've been able to solve the problem with my small knowledge. Here are pictures:

Here is the problem solved:

 And this is the wrong sensor:

Be careful with your Play Station!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Headphones support

I, as a good musician, have a good headphones to listen to music, to compose, to keep my room in silence... I use a lot my headphones so they are in a shelf near me to be able to catch them easily. I'm not very pleased with this because it doesn't look good, but I need have them near.

A week ago I found several old CDs which I don't use, so I searched in internet what I can make with them. I didn't like anything I saw, then I thought about make a support for my headphones.

That's the result:
Oh, yeah! That's cool!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teaching for a clarinetist

Today, I've checked some books of my sister (in Spanish). According to my main interest I caught a music book. There was a picture in which you could see a girl playing a clarinet:

I, as a good clarinetist since several years ago, have been able to see something WRONG!
 Look at the girl's mouth! Look the position of the clarinet in her mouth! Now, see a correct picture:

Is my sister going to learn this??? 

If you aren't a clarinetist or unless you know what I'm saying, look at the mouth of the two girls and you'll see that this part of the clarinet is back to front.

Like good teachers used to tell: Music is not learned from books.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Geek biscuits

Yesterday, when I was having breakfast, I realised that I was eating geek biscuits. Nowadays, biscuits also are connected with computing. Wonderful. Do you want to know why? Check it out!

My biscuit:

RSS logo:

Don't you think this is cool?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Music for Sunday night #15

Here, for "Music for Sunday night" is my last composition. It name is "Gift from a musician". I'm very proud of it and I've spent several days perfecting the song until I've been pleased. Here is it:

Of course, you can download the full score and free in my website (, as well as listen more beautiful songs. Thanks for listening!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Drumsticks cover

Three days ago, I was surfing in a forum for drummers when I saw an interesting post about a homemade drumsticks cover which the writer did with his mother help. I, as a good drummer, couldn't avoid to forget that.

The next day I told that my mother who is a good seamstress. This afternoon, she had a bit of free time and she could sew one similar for me. Here is the result:
 Simply excellent. It's better than one bought.

This cover isn't to keep your drumsticks. It is for something a bit different. You have to tie the cover around one of your cymbals support or  around some support, and you've to put your sticks into it. So, when you are playing some song, your sticks can fall, then you can take one stick from the bag and follow playing.

Yeah, I know there is a whim, but small details have to be cared.

PS: I didn't publish this in the forum because I don't want   the original writer of the idea feel jealous .