Monday, June 16, 2014


It has been over a year since I started to get interested in electronic music. I began to listen to it, but later I wanted to try to make some stuff by myself, I love experimenting with music. It's boring and not fun when you start with no idea about how electronic music works, although it has of course similarities with other kinds of music, but you can't find them at the beginning. Let's say I had a lot of free time, and I started to get it.

Until the date of today I've made 4 songs, and I find it more enjoyable as I progress. I plan to put all the songs together in a home-made CD when I end up with some more, but, you know, time and quality aren't good friends, so it will take me a while.

The thing is that now that I see that this works, it's about time to get some place in the internet where showing the music. The motivation for that is, as I wrote on the biography, it takes me a lot of time and effort to make a song, although I do it just for fun, so what I'd like most is that people listen to it, and occasionally get some feedback.

So here is the site. Tomorrow there will be available the fourth and newer song.
Thanks for listening.