Sunday, April 28, 2013

Complaining about James Bond, Skyfall.

Yesterday night I watched Skyfall at last. I wanted to watch a good film and I did. Generally is was fine, but there are some particular details about I feel the need to complain.

- The plot; M.

What the heck does happen with M in the plot? I'm really disappointed with this fact. Why M is the centre of  the story? She was the simple woman in previous films who ordered missions to James, moreover it is evil and she doesn't matter James death in the film. I don't know why is so important in this film, why Bond almost die protecting her! What a stupid motivation for the film!
This point was terrible.

- The car.

Why Mr Bond is not given any good custom Aston Martin? That's crucial in these films! Moreover, he only get a pair of gadgets for the mission, a gun and a transmitter. That's not enough!
In the end we can see an Aston Martin, that's true, but it's in the end of the film, it's an old uncool A.M., and it is destroyed some minutes later.

- The music.

Oh, I can remember how popular was the Skyfall theme by Adele, when it was released before the film. It is a great song. But, do you know what? It is only played ONCE in the film, at the beginning! I can't understand why.

And that's it. Now, I feel free.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Music for Sunday night #92

Tonight I want to show you this song in which we can see something that I think never has happened in the history of the RHCP. I think this is the first song in which the components change their instruments. We can see how Flea leaves the bass guitar and plays the piano, and Josh leaves the guitar and takes a Fender 6-strings bass guitar. This is Happiness Loves Company. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yesterday I ended a new project. This time I made a pre-amplifier out of two old PC speakers.

The thing was not very difficult and it wasn't a challenge for me. I added a new function which is very useful. It consist in a button that lets you get the signal bypassed, so instead of removing the thing when you don't want an amplified sound, you just press the button.

It looks fine. I hope not to have problems with heat .

By the way, the LED you can see in the pictures is beautiful purple (instead of blue) and brighter.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The stuff

There are quite a lot of things I live everyday that I'd like to post here. I'm thinking in one of those actually. If I don't write them is because maybe I don't want to remember them if I find the post over here in the blog later.

Music for Sunday night #91

This is a song that I've discovered today. It's great! I feel the need of sharing it. Dragonforce. Enjoy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Music for Sunday night #90

Pink Floyd released a great album long ago. This album was called Pulse, a live album. And this is one of it best songs. Enjoy.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Some days ago I watched Looper, a movie/film which stars more or less Bruce Willis, that I want to complain for. The plot is about time matters, time travels. I am used to like this kind of films, so I decided to watch it.

It was an slow boring film. Totally pitty. The bad thing is the whole film, and I said a pitty because the plot is so good, but it's terribly brought to the screen. It could have been great, but little motion, (maybe locations), no effects...

A pitty.