Saturday, November 14, 2015

What's exactly wrong with religions?

Now, I'll take advantage of this blog of mine, which becomes handy in situations like this one.

Astonish for the latest news from Paris, as an atheist, I've spent some time applying some logic to determine what factor is exactly what makes me refuse to believe. This' what I've found out:

A religion is a pile of stories, usually good to know and good to reflect on, because they contain good values. So, religions aren't bad. Believers are neither bad, I can't say they are bad because they aren't able to think 'clearly' and see further, they're victims.

People that misuse religions, like terrorists, are bad , but they aren't the key I look for. Other than that, they misuse the power of a religion, something that has been built previously. The religions have been given power, by some other people, and this is the key.

The people that provide power to religions are responsible. In other words, the key factors are the people that introduce the stories in the believer mind as if they were true facts. 

Who are these people? Are priests bad? 

If someone like a priest in Catholicism spread the stories as true ones because he really believes in them, then he's a victim too. However, the one that consciously transmit stories as facts (a liar), the one that wants the people to believe wrong facts, this is the bad one, the toxic one.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015