Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music for Sunday night #10

Tonight, we can listen a great song by Pink Floyd. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome... To the machine:

Friday, July 29, 2011


Finally, today, the period has been started. From today it's possible to complete a form to apply for a scholarship. I was worried because last year period started a month before than this year. My mother was also worried and she asked me very often. But...

This morning, my mother spoke to me quickly. She was worried because she thought (and now, she think) that the institute (where I have to hand it in) will close tomorrow. I don't think so, but I'm not sure.

People in the same situation as me usually try to get two scholarships at the same time, so, I had to complete two forms. The first one was a bit difficult to understand and to find it, but fortunately, I've be able to complete and hand it in all online. The second one has been less exigent with my mind, it was easier than the previous to complete, but I haven't be able to hand it in online, moreover it necessary to print a lot of sheets and must hand it in at the institute.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


In holiday, matters which I can write about are scarce. So, I write about the minimal matter found:

Today, I've bought a new mouse. Until today, I had one lent by my sister because before I used a wireless mouse which work by batteries, and them are always flat at the best time. So, I decided to buy one because I had my sister's mouse several months ago.

When I've gone to the shop, I've surprised. I've always thought that shops in my town was the worst, but I was a bit wrong. When I've asked for the mouses, the shop assistant showed me a loooot of different kinds. There were over 20 different mouses! When I've bought the mine, I didn't realise that it was very cool!

Later, I've opened the packed, and I was very happy with my buy. It is white and black. Its size is neither too big nor too small, it's perfect. It has some buttons more than the others. It has two buttons in the side with which I can advance or go back in internet or in the document explorer. It has also a button in the middle, behind the scroll. That's my favourite feature. It is to changed the dpi's value, which can be 800, 1600 or 2000 dpi. Here, there is a picture:

Monday, July 25, 2011

New song:"Music for a city at night"

Now, it's available in my website a new song composed to inaugurate the new design. I'm very happy because of it!

In this song, there are several instruments which I don't usually use but in this instance, I've searched a change. The result has been a beautiful song which I'd like to show to everybody. Here is it:

Website complete

Today, I've inaugurated the new design of my website. Now it's available for everyone. I'm very satisfied with it.
Check it out!:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Music for Sunday night #9

This night, we can listen a fantastic song by Metallica, as usual, live.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Web master. Part 2

I'm already working in the website. I don't have finished it yet. When I started, I had to make a new design from the beginning and for this it's necessary a lot of time, so, as I don't have a lot of free time, I'm spending several days. Anyway, I think, it will be finished on Monday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Web master

Today, I'm busy. I'm working in a new design for my website. I'll write when I finish it.

Sticks review (New sticks Part 2)

I needed to test the sticks! So, I tested with my practice pad. I compared with the anterior sticks and I don't like what I heard. The new sticks was softer. Moreover, it sounded with less bright and it lost a bit of rebound. I didn't like anything.

As soon as I've been able, I tested the sticks with my drum kit, and I've drawed the next conclusions:


- The worst is that the toms sound with less bright and with less sharp.
- The paint can be damaged easily.


- They stand out very much for the color and look very beautiful, unlike the rest of the drummers nearby to me.
- They are very comfortable and lighterThey let me be faster.
- The cymbals, (specially the ride), sound better and brighter.

In conclusion, I think that today it has been a good chance to test new sticks and I don't regret buying them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New sticks

When I've gone into the music shop, I wanted to buy a new sticks but different than the last ones. I always buy the same sticks and I'm boring.

Before, I had checked out the sticks of one of my favourite drummers, but they were very very expensive because of the material, so I tried to remember the design to search ones with similar style.

Inside the music shop, the shop assistant showed me one type of sticks which I didn't hope. Apart from the sticks with wood color and the sticks with drawings (like tattoos), there were also some pairs painted with a only color. There were three colours available: purple, yellow and black. I chose the black sticks without think. I feared that they cost too much, but I was surprised. If I speak mathematically, I can say that they cost 1.4492 % more than the last sticks, so I accepted gladly.

Later, when I arrived to my house, I realised that something great. I'd just bought  the Steve Gadd sticks. They had her signature. I liked a lot, but there was something which I didn't like, Steve Gadd is a famous drummer, he plays jazz music, I don't play jazz... Maybe I made an error... See it in the next post.

Personal issues

  I don't know why, but I REALLY hate when people tell me I spend too much money. It makes me feel very angry. I'm sorry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have not composed any song in a lot of time. I want to do it. Maybe, this night, I look for the inspiration.

Monday, July 18, 2011


The last weekend, I could observe a very beautiful fireworks display. It was great because in my town, fireworks are the worst of the world.

RHCP: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

It's the new single of the new album of Red Hot Chili Peppers which will be presented in August. It's only a step forward and it's presented today, so Enjoy it!!!:

Music for Sunday night #8

This night, we can listen and watch this fantastic song video which makes me hallucinate. REALLY INCREDIBLE!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


This night, after a long day working, I've had to prepare my luggage. This weekend, I've a trip with my band's partners. After doing a big big mind effort to check if I had forgotten something, I've be able to rest a bit.

Obviously, I'm a bit nervous, but it's normal. I hope to have a good weekend. So, bye till "Music for Sunday night".


Today has been Adam Savage's birthday. Happy Birthday from English Drummer!!!


I'm happy, I'm improving with my drum kit in all aspects.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This afternoon, I've visited with my father, a craftsman of my town who is a good friend of my father. Always I visit him, I surprise. I'm sure, he's the best craftsman of my province.

Today, he was working in a very very difficult figure which represents three boys embraced. I'm really surprised because at first, he made the figure with clay BUT he made it from a only photo in black and white, where the figure only shows one face. His work is amazing. Later, he's showed us several figures which he has over there.

Sometimes, I've seen statues and I've always tried to compare but he always made the best ones. Anyone can imitate his details or his perfection. I don't know why he isn't famous.


Some days ago, I thought about decorate my drum kit. I thought in stickers. There were two ways, I could print the stickers, or I could make some homemade ones. I have got a beautiful printer but I chose the second way.

I've spent a lot of time making them because I've even plasticized, but it's been good, now, they've a bigger value for me. By the way, the stickers are about musical bands that I really love, for that I speak about the value.

One time that I've finished them, I've pasted them in my kick. They look really great! I'm sure, you, reader, can't difference them of the originals stickers. Here is an example before their placing:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Electric Drums

Today, I've had the choice to try an electric drum kit. I know that it isn't a acoustic one but I recognise that it's very fun. I think it is a very good solution for people who can't have an acoustic drum kit because of the noise. For some people it may exist some problems, the first is that you need a good, expensive amplifier to play in a concert or to rehearsal with a band. The second problem for me is that this drum kit isn't good for people who like beating hard because I think an electric drum kit can brake before that an acoustic one.

Anyway, I say again that it can be a very good solution for some people.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Music for Sunday night #7

They deserve to be with us this night... And a lot more. Silence, please.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Concert 2 review

Today, I've played in other concert. It was as important as yesterday or more.

First, we've arrived very soon to the concert place, after two hours of travel. I've eaten one of the best chocolate ice cream that I've never eat. I bought it in a shop called "Huertas".

Then, we've started a parade which a lot of musicians considered a stupid thing. Later we've acted the first. I didn't want to act the first anyway, but after the concert, I've realised that it's been the best.

We've played very good and very strong, like I like. The second band has had a big error, the director has decided to tune the instrument just before to start to play, therefore, the people have had to wait a lot of time. The actuation hasn't been bad, but it's been tooooooo long.

For the last band, a lot of people have left the auditory, they're  tired. The band played good but also the actuation has been horribly long.

Before come back to home, we've dined. I'm very very angry, because when I wanted a bit of water, the stupid waiter told me that the water had to be paid by me, and for me, (a water drinker), it's a very important insult.

Finally, I've come back to home accompanied by the night and by my dearest Red Hot CP. until the battery of my mobile phone left me.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


This afternoon, I've played in a concert. Today, I don't have played drums, but my clarinet. The concert had be totally successful, I'm really happy for that.The songs was very good and we played it really good. From my point of view, our band played clearly better than the other (and I think that is the reason of my happiness).

Tomorrow, we'll have to repeat the concert in other city. we play with several bands more. I hope that tomorrow we'll play as successful as today.

Cymbals review

This morning, I've tested my cymbals. My drum kit is very beautiful with more musical parts.

Yesterday, I wrote about the cymbals and my last consideration was right: My cymbals sound good ( good enough), but not too loud. But, like yesterday, I won't worry because it's the correct.

I think I'm happy. I feel like going to play tomorrow!

PD: I'm totally surprised with the supports which I bought. They were the cheaper but they're very strong, beautiful and very solid! Great!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Consideration from a drummer

Tomorrow morning I will test my new cymbals. But I think that now, I can write a preview because I've played them a bit without my drum kit.

When I thought buying them, I wanted quality, but specially, volume, I wanted that my cymbals sound loud. But, thanks to a video (starring by Chad Smith), which I watched yesterday, I've realised that you don't have to hope  loud sounds or resistance, otherwise, you have to hope quality and good sounds.

I was wrong, but I know because I was wrong. When I played with my band, my drum kit had to sound loud enough same volume as the guitars. But it's not just, because they have got amplifiers. So, from now, I won't be wrong.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waiting for cymbals (Part 4): THE END!!!

Finally!!! My new set of cymbals is already here!!! I'm so happy. I didn't think it'd arrive so soon.


I'm going to stop to write because I think that I can't write no lines which make sense. But I can say how I feel with a picture:



I created this blog to improve my think speed, and I'm getting it. Parallel to this, I also thought about improve my listening. For that, I'm going to watch a complete series.

I think that the summer is quite long, and the series doesn't have enough episodes to spend completely the summer, so I should watch more than one series. The problem is that I don't make up my mind to began to watch it.

I will try to start this night.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My opinion about the exercise isn't very good. I don't like the exercise and I am not worried about my health, but I know that, nowadays, in this society, it necessary to make a good impression. So, soooome time ago, I decided to start to do some exercise to be fit.

I had to leave my healthy habit because for the exams. But now, I've had to do exercise again. I had never thought that it'd happen, but I need do exercise because I can sleep at night.

I usually go to sleep very later, and, even so, when I want to sleep I can't because I'm full of energy. So I thought that now was the moment to begin to be fit again.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Things that I've always thought

For me, the door to Internet.

Music for Sunday night #6

This is a song about the Spanish Civil War. It relate a sad story about the life of the singer's grandfather when he fought for his family at that time. Listen:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Improves to my drum kit

An hour ago, I've finished to "improve" my drum kit.

Firstly, I've begun with the snare drum. It was a part of my drum kit which I didn't like anyway. I've tuned it tightening the two drumheads. Later I've tuned the snares and finally I've added a piece of cloth to reduce the sustain.

The next instrument had been the toms. I've tuned the first one, but I've liked how sounded the others.

I'm very happy with the result of the snare drum. I think that my drum kit is ready to receive the new cymbals.

Waiting for cymbals (Part 3)

A few minutes ago, I have investigated a bit about the Music Store delay in some forums. There are some people who have written a few days ago. It seems that the orders are received a bit later, but there is any problems. So I will follow waiting, I hope it comes soon.

Gmail (the plan of the day)

Last night, I thought about change my email account from Hotmail to Gmail. I had thought about this before, and, since I'm on holidays, I thought that it was the time. Google is a innovative company (Google Search, Translator, Docs, Calendar, Chrome... And now Google+), and Microsoft apart from operative systems, it is characterized by no innovate, I am tired of it.

So, yesterday, I created my new account (I liked that now, it isn't necessary to write your mobile telephone number to confirm your account), and the plan for today was configure all my web's profiles again changing the email.

I started well with the networks. The first problems appeared with Youtube.

NOTE FOR READERS: Never, never and never try to change your Youtube email account.

After investigate for a long time, I discovered that it was impossible to change your email, and finally I created a new account.

Later I began with Blogger. A BIG headache was felt by me! Blogger like Youtube is a product of Google, so I had a similar problem, but I discovered the way to do it. When I thought the way, it seemed easy but later... Fortunately my sister lent me a netbook and after an hour I moved my two blogs to my new email.

Finally, I could change easily the rest of the emails of the others websites.

PS: This night, I have written in twitter a sentence which summarize all the post.