Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fix USB to TTL cable driver problem Windows 8/8.1

I bought this stupid thing from Ebay instead of the classic without cable because so I don't need to use more wires.

TTL-USB cable picture stolen from ebay

The thing was I couldn't make it to work in Windows 8.1. I discovered it is based on a Prolific chip and that there were a series of those which weren't supported by W8 nor W8.1.

Shit Prolific says in its website
Guess what chip I got.

Prolific CheckChipVersion saying I bough shit
Yes, I got a 'cursed' one, of course.
Eventually, I made it to work with the following driver. It should work for W 7/8/8.1/10.!pYMn2Yoa!qFwnpJurRuAvmB1mznQg174R23Ruxqb_rqlNSoir4nI

Fuck yeah.