Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Review

And now, this way we arrive to the end of this year. I don't know very well what to write but I want to make a review more or less of 2011 with events that... attracted my attention. I'm sure, I leave many of its so this will be a bit subjective. Let's go!


No smoking law was approved in Spain. Then, it's forbidden to smoke in whatever closed place, and in many other locations and conditions. That is something good for non-smokers like me, of course. To my mind, I opine, this law has two meanings, the main is to care our health, but the other is to evade what would be really a lack of respect.


Adele launched her best album "21" for me, with amazing songs like "Rolling in the deep" or  "Something like you", very very good disc.

Nintendo 3DS was a very eagerly awaited. Later, problems started to appear related to the health (eye pain, headache...) and now, because of different factors, it is considered one of the 2011 fails.


The Ipad 2, was launched, and, as all Apple products, it has lots of success. I had the chance of try it and I liked it. People opine a tablet is useful, they bought it. It has been one of the great successes of Apple in 2011. 

The nuclear accident of Fukushima nuclear central was, if I'm right, the worst disaster of the 2011. 


In April, like all we know, a new version from Canonical came to us. This year was Ubuntu 11.04 turn. A great free software brought lots of novelties, like other desktop called Unity.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel acted in Fast Five. An incredible film that I consider one of the two best films of that year (you'll know the other one later). I'm waiting to the next production.


In Spain, the "15-M" movement captured the attention of all Spanish people.

Oh! That the other film I love. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I really think it is a good production, the make up is amazing and the whole effort to enable this film makes it awesome. I'm waiting the next delivery again.


Google decided to go in the networks business, so it created Google Plus. I usually read many news about G+ success, but I consider it one network more and for me it doesn't have any utility, at least for now...


 NASA ended the work of the space shuttles in July. In my opinion, I think that was a very bad idea. I hope new shuttles were built to continue, as they affirm.


In August, Red Hot Chili Peppers made me the happiest with their last album "I'm with you", of course I think it's the best event regarding to music of 2011. A great, incredible, amazing, awesome album that always will be with me.


In September, from Fermilab in USA came the new of the Tevatron closure. I neither liked this, but money problems forced Fermilab people to close it.


A bad new, Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO and co-founder died last October. He was the person who brought Apple until now we know with his effort and obsession for the design.

Just in the same month of S. Jobs death, the Iphone 4s was launched. I didn't augured a good start neither a good sale number, but I was mistaken. It was a success. Later, problems with battery duration came but that is another matter...


Kinect, the gadget of the year for many people. It's a true that they has been created a lot of applications for it, even so, I continue surprising me.

Kindle Fire, the e-book reader by Amazon, has been very famous this Christmas. It has had a great number of sales, but it was been much high whether the price was less.


I have to say goodbye to this year with this bad new, the "SINDE" law was approved yesterday or the day before yesterday, but don't worry, all we know, this won't be enough.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New design

I haven't been able to wait, here is the new design! The blog has only changed a bit, several new elements, but I feel I continue in the same place, although newer (and smarter).

Mainly, this was the objective, implement a new aspect according to blog designs of nowadays, ready for 2012. Before, it seemed it had been created in 2005...

As you can see, my dear sea continues in the bottom. Now the "blogger" bar on the top is almost transparent. All the sources of the page are new, and there is a new button "home" to go to the main page. In the sidebar, we can see a picture of God rocking, a quote by me which enclose all I feel regarding to music, and the other elements which always have been there.

I believe I've paid attention to every detail, even though I might make some little changes. It's all for now!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New design?

I've been seeing several blog designs, and I liked. I think it's not time for a change but I'll do it. And, never better than now, when a year is finishing. I want a change (only design? change to Wordpress?...). I'll evaluate different templates, images.. and I'll attempt to implement these changes from 1st January 2012.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Music for Sunday night #31

This Sunday is 25th, Christmas day, you know, and casually today is also the 25th post of Music for Sunday night! Perfect calculations without calculate, only in English Drummer's blog! Now:

Tonight, we'll listen to James Hetfield from Metallica, performing "Mama said", one of the most delicate song of that band. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

24th December

English Drummer wish you merry Christmas!

The box

Yesterday, I opened the box, I couldn't resist the temptation.

Yeah! Can you guess what will be inside?


What's this???

Yes, I got a keyboard! Directly from Cologne. I think I want to learn how to play too many instruments and that is not possible... Anyway, I will attempt to study piano, although I opine this is one of the most difficult instruments to play. The main trouble is that unlike the guitar, the piano requires many hours of practice and lots of dedication to play songs which you like and which encourages you to follow, so in my opinion you can get bored quickly.

For now, I spend much time practising and I am learning rapidly. I hope to continue so.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lucky man

Yeah! I've recently been a surprise! I'm officially a scholarship holder!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of the exams

Finally, I've finished my exams until next year. I was quite bored and angry, because all the people, ALL,  finished their exams before than me. But now, I feel free.

Tomorrow, I will be given my qualifications. I know it won't be neither perfect nor the worst. Of course, I've passed all right According to my information sources (friends), it's normal that you get less marks this year, the difference between last year and now is rather large.

I'm sorry, I can't wait more to open the box. Tomorrow will be the opening day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Inside my head

- Firstly, I wish burn the philosophy book. (In fact, today, it almost die)
- My sister doesn't have exams, and she doesn't mind.
- My bedroom box doesn't let my study. I'd take it out, but better later.
- @Jfromcas wants to go off. I don't like it.
- A work about what I'll plan to do in Christmas will have to wait indefinitely.
- @maria_tabique has flown, I hope she has had a good trip.
- Now, I'll watch a film instead go to bed, bad boy...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Music for Sunday night #30

Tonight, I'd like to post this song by Negative. This band is used to playing alternative rock without forget fast rhythm which the majority of these bands lose. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home strech

Just a few days left to open the box. I'm anxious. But, I have to do several things before. I have to finish the term. It isn't easy, although, you know, days goes by quickly. Well, I think no quickly enough.

All would be easier without exams. I have 3, and neither much time nor much desire to study.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The postcard

Today, I've received a beautiful postcard. I didn't remember that they're already sold, but I like these little gifts. It means that there is someone who has thought in you and has spent some time writing to you.
Here is it:

Thank you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's this?

What's this? Can you guess something?

Unless you know, I'll tell you on January 24th,
if I can resist the temptation...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music for Sunday night #29

Tonight, I'll let Sadman enter in my ears, and you? Ladies and gentlemen, Metallica. Enjoy.

Fail invention

Today, I've seen something wrong. I was walking into a typical hardware store warehouse, there were several offers in stoves, and, generally heat machines, near the entrance. The majority were machines stored from previous years.

I was taking a look and I discovered a bad product between those offers. There was a wall stove with an stupid design! Moreover it's ugly!

As you can see in the picture, the machine, instead of protect you, seems encouraging you to put your finger in! Don't you think so?
That grate doesn't work for what it was designed!

Wouldn't you like to put your finger in?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Curiosities #6

Astronauts who orbit around the Earth can see until 16 daybreaks and 16 sunsets in a day.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Drummer tree

Today, in my house, the Christmas tree has been mounted. I'm not a child, but I want to continue with these traditions. I love seeing the tree LEDs shining in the night, just clearing my house darkness. Here is the proof:

And, to not forget when you are in a drummer's home, I always hang either this,

and this,

Monday, December 5, 2011

II Concert

Last time, a few boys agreed with prepare a summer concert to finish the last term. Now, almost the same people (me included) want to do something similar.

It was neither the best concert nor the largest event ever seen, but it was funny. We will try to do something better this time, nothing incredible but enjoyable again. It's being tiring for prepare, not physically, but mentally, over all, because of the date.

In this time, we're going to have with us a new invited musician besides the last one we had. I'll write about it later.

Now, I should be working on the poster which I'll hope to post soon.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Music for Sunday night #28

Tonight, we have with us a Spanish folk rock band, Mago de Oz, incredible song. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The next day

Friday has finished. We are almost on the day after. Friday went off quickly.

All began waking up at 6:15, an awful time to get up. RHCP were with me during all the trip, they made a good job. Then I got in there. The exam wasn't bad. We were only a few people, and when a quarter an hour had hardly passed, we felt confident.

In the the part where we need to take the exam in pairs, I was lucky, a very friendly and beautiful girl did the exam with me. We both had spoken each other, so, at least for my part I didn't get nervous at any moment, and to my mind, this is very strange...

I know I haven't done it perfectly, and if the marking way was like in a traditional exam (50 points or more = passed) I would be sure I would pass, but the less mark possible to pass is 70 points... So, I don't know what to think... Maybe, I pass well, maybe only with the less mark possible... A fail is a possibility too, but I prefer not to speak about that...

Anyway, now I can do nothing, I will be able to check my mark on 18th January, so we will wait and see.

By the way, I took a keepsake from a place near to the exam location:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The day

Tomorrow is the day. It is something about I don't want to write because I don't want to get nervous, but I am forced to write about this, this is the main objective of the blog.

Tomorrow, I will try to get something.
It's curious, but each day I give less importance to the exam, I don't get more confident, but each time, I think this exam doesn't mark a difference between have it or not.

Anyway, I'll get it. Wish me luck.