Sunday, October 28, 2012

Music for Sunday night #71

This night I want it to be harder than others, so volume up your speakers and press play. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My trombone progress

(I know I am not very good at putting good titles to my posts, but...)

I've had to come to my blog to find out when I post the first post about my new instrument so that I can remember when I started playing it. Well, it was approximately 20 days ago.
This afternoon, if I am not wrong, I've taken my fourth trombone class, (and I can say my sound has been awful...). But it doesn't matter, the point I want to come is that in less than a month I've learnt quite a lot and this afternoon I've been given the band scores which I will play in one or two weeks, I hope.
Do you realise? That's great!

I don't feel very proud yet, but I'll do in a couple of weeks when I play those scores...

Friday, October 26, 2012

300th post

As the title says, this is my 300th post in this blog. Amazing. I want to use this particular post to say happy birthday to the master of whom who you can find a photo in the right side of the blog at any time.

Happy birthday Chad Smith! I hope you rock with us for many many years.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


The days will be November 9th and 10th. The days what this blog was created for are confirmed. I feel ready, but I still have a pair of weeks of practise.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Music for Sunday night #70

Tonight we'll listen to a sweet sound of the great Red Hot Chili Peppers. It belongs to the first album where Chad Smith started with them, called "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic". Here is "Under the bridge". Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The man who made his own "Ipad"

In these 3 videos, we can see how a man build his own Ipad in fast motion. Obviously the result is not the same thing you can buy in an Apple Store, however it is really good. And, of course we can't forget all the personal satisfaction involved in this incredible project.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Music for Sunday night #69

Tonight we'll listen to a song I found in the middle of the week. This is a good version of 'Nothing Else Matters', originally by Metallica, but this time covered by Lucie Silvas, a woman with a nice voice. It is worth listening to this. Enjoy.

The highest jump

Great record for Felix Baumgartner! The man who pretended to break the sound barrier and a three more achievements has made history. Fantastic new for science lovers. Congratulations! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Music for Sunday night #68

This is the new song by Adele especially made for the new James Bond's film, Skyfall. I don't know if today has been the releasing date, but the complete song doesn't have much time online. Really a beautiful song. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Future and optimism

This morning, I've assisted to a conference call "The future in our hands". With that name, I didn't know very well what I would be told there, but it looked interesting.

In the conference room have had lots of students and the place has been very well conditioned. In general terms the speech has been quite interesting, with not many news but with lots of optimism about the future.

The ideas raised have made me think for a moment. The man who has spoken, told us about new projects, like Google car, Google glasses, an experiment where a mouse brain's memory part had been substituted for a flash memory...

The thing that has been impossible to forget in the end has been that the future is for us and for the technology, science, engineering..., however, my dear Art friends hardly will take part in it.

The new project

As many friends of mine know, I've started a new project, and I have to post it here as an official statement. I've decided to learn how to play the trombone, (exactly the tenor one, the usual one).
Yes, I have.

I haven't made my mind to do that overnight, otherwise I've been thinking about that since several weeks ago. If I haven't started before is because I have to cope with my studies and I was afraid the music takes all my mind, but I've realised it is now or never. Moreover, I don't want to waste my learning ease now I'm young, and that's what I'd been doing whether I let scape this opportunity. I guess I'll be able to deal with both things.

I've been very lucky for a few reasons really. Fortunately I haven't had to buy a trombone because I am a member of a musical association and they have one to lend me. I haven't neither had to buy even "trombone grease" or other thing, because all was included. Furthermore, my instrument is amazingly in very good conditions and looks excellent! (unlike other instruments to borrow). And the best is it has something called "transpositor", one function that will make easier my work. Here is a picture for you:

The last Friday I took my first class. My teacher had one little initiation book ready for me (great detail), so I started learning that day. Of course I finished the class with homework.

By now, I know 3 out of 7 positions and 3 notes: F, D# and D. I've been practising hard until I've achieved a good sound. I can't wait to take the next class on next Thursday. I need to learn more, I don't have any extra time, only the exact months and I will have to learn how to play band scores with it by then either way.