Thursday, May 31, 2012

The new Ipad

A couple of moths ago, I had a chance to try the new Ipad.

All we realised when it was released, although this wasn't as important as when Ipad 2 was put on the market. For some people like me, there aren't many important changes between the New and the previous one. However, if any change was important, it was the famous retina display.

I couldn't have an Ipad 2 in one hand and try to compare the displays, so I can't speak about the improves on it. Moreover, I am sure, it would be very difficult to elaborate a verdict because both displays are really good.

But there is one thing with which I got surprised. The graphics processor of the new Ipad is amazing. Pictures look great thanks to the display, but the transition between menus is even better, it's real! You can put a piece of paper on a desk and move it with your fingers and that's what you feel when you browse menus, the reality.

I tried to load this blog in the Ipad browser and that's how it looked:

Yes, not a very good view, but it worked.

I also wanted to show you how is the menu transitions, so I captured this (I had no idea about what to do neither where to touch, but you can see the effects of the menus quite good):

Monday, May 21, 2012

Music for Sunday night #50

Tonight is the 50th edition of Music for Sunday night, and I'm glad to announce it. I've brought for this special edition, a special song. This performance is a part of Inception soundtrack. I think it's magic. There is lots of technology and musicians working together to get these sounds. It's great, I love it. Moreover, the master who composed the score was Hans Zimmer, for me, the most versatile composer I've ever seen. So, if you have 20 minutes, please watch the video and they will be the most amazing minutes of your day.

Note: The performance starts at 8 minutes. It's better you watch from here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuning fails

Cars are one of the most beautiful machines invented by men. The design of these is very important and people like to drive a cool car. If we don't like our cars and we have no money to buy another, we can customize them. There are two kinds of visual modifications.

1.- You can pimp your car in an elegant way, or with small but important modifications.
2.- Or you can make your car unique, colourful and eye-catching.

Well, there is another kind of tuning, where cars seems terrible!!! These are TUNING FAILS!
(I really enjoy myself watching these pictures, lol)

I feel sorry for this one 

Oh man!!! What is that f*ck? (There is a man inside!) 

Nice seats! They can't be bad seats if they have been made by Recaro, can they?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beatbox + Flute

I'm surprised! There are infinite things that you can find in Youtube. Today, a friend of mine tweeted this video. It's amazing!

There are also more videos of beatboxing and playing an instrument at the same time, for example, an harmonica which seems to be quite popular, but I prefer a flute.

Music for Sunday night #49

I've waited all the week to show you this song! It's amazing! I love alternative rock! 
Here is "Where the dead ships dwell" by "In Flames". Turn up the volume! Enjoy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Film review: The Italian Job

The Italian Job is an amazing film from 2003 which a friend of mine recommended to me. Otherwise I hadn't watched it, because it's a bit old.

This film is mainly starring by Mark Wahlberg y Charlize Theron, although there are three or four more actors that I would call them protagonists too. Let's see what I  think about it:

Thing that I like:

- My favourite aspect is the argument. It's really amazing. There are several moments in which your heart explodes because of the adrenaline. It's very good.
- Good actors. Each one is perfect for his role.
- There are good car scenes.
- Not predictible argument.
- The great Jason Statham appears in the film and does a good job.
- There is a love story, although is in the background.
- The woman of the love story, Charlize (Stella), is beautiful.
- In the great argument, there aren't any moments  that make you suffer.
- Happy end.

Things that I don't like:

- Jason Statham appears but he's one of the "secondary protagonists", he's not one of the main protagonist!!!... I don't like that at all.
- In the beginning there are some loose ends.

In conclusion, I think this film is amazing, and it's been difficult for me to find another bad point besides the first one. I recommend it.

RATING: 9.5/10

Music for Sunday night #48

Tonight, we'll listen to POD. It's a new band for me, but I've been asked to learn their song "Alive" to play it in my band. I like it, and here it is for you. Enjoy.