Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The importance of taking photographs

This afternoon I've had a chat with some English friends. They are a funny old couple who I know several years ago. They really love travelling, really. At one point of our long conversation, they have show me what I can call, a brief travel book. It was just a list with all the destinations they have visited in all their years, and that was crazy. Insane. I am not deep interested in travelling too much (at least not yet), but I have realised of the importance of taking pictures in these special situations. Because no person has enough memory to remember all the journeys or experiences along its life, and me, who have no memory at all, even less.

Something like shoot with the camera at the hotel room where you have slept, for example, will mean a lot.

I have always thought taking that kind of photos is silly, and that what really matters is live the moment, not worrying about cameras, but that's a mistake and I'm in time to fix it. It is comfortable not care about photographs, cameras,  places to get good pictures..., but I have found that it's worth the effort.

It's very important to take photographs (not in excess neither) of everything you find it relevant during a journey (large or quick trip), otherwise tomorrow you won't probably remember anything and there will be nothing left.