Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Film review: Drive.

Drive is a film from 2011 about a Driver who works for robbers, obviously driving cars. One day, he accepts to work for someone to protect his love's life, but all goes wrong.

The film is starring by Ryan Gosling, and the woman of the film is Carey Mulligan.

I have to say that the trailer shows a film different from this one. It was totally different from I was expecting it to be...

Things that I like:

- It's a film where the cars are important.
- It works to spend an afternoon.
- ...

Things that I don't like:

- The end is awful. It is not happy and incomplete.
- The protagonist looks intelligent but he's terribly quiet, a expressionless character, who seems to act in slow motion.
- Quiet film, barely with no excitement neither frights.
- I definitively don't like the main actor.
- Good argument (in fact it's a book), but poor develop of it.
- No good love story.
- Only a few characters in the film.
- 90 minutes of duration. 45 of them wasted in boring scenes.
- Poor film. I want to think that it is because of a low budget.

If there is no way to see another action film, you can watch this one. I think it's better than I imagine. Anyway, don't you ever think about believe in IMDB, because it is a stupid page and if you believe in its ratings and not in the mine ones, you won't go to heaven.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Music for Sunday night #54

Tonight I've brought here a special song. This is so amazing that you'll want to press once and another the replay button. Tonight we'll listen to a special live song called DON'T FORGET ME, where you can listen to incredible solos. These guys are unique. These guys are RHCP! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Film review: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

MI Ghost Protocol is a great film from 2011. The argument is traditional as in previous MI films. In this one, the protagonist and his team have to capture a terrorist who has got launch codes for nuclear weapons, but he escapes and the team have to avoid that a nuclear missile reaches its objective once it's been launched.

The film is starring by Tom Cruise mainly, although his team is very important too. The woman of the film is Paula Patton.

Things that I like:

- Good actors.
- Great argument, although complex.
- This film makes your heart beat quickly all the time.
- In this film, BMW presents an hybrid car, it's BMW i8 which is beautiful. This is a detail that I like very much. Click in the button to see a picture.
- Lots of technology. It's essential in the film. The gadgets used are incredible, although they aren't real, but their running is well thought out and it isn't difficult to imagine them in the real life.
- Good team job.
- No loose ends.
- Good end.

Things that I don't like:

- It seems to be a love story, but it isn't. Paula Patton, the woman team partner and Tom should have had a love story and all would have been better!
- It'd have been well more car scenes.
- The argument is good but quite complicated.

I really enjoyed this film. It's very good, very good. I'll repeat again that when you watch this film your heart beats very quickly all the time. It's very excited. I recommend it.

RATING: 9.5/10

Monday, June 18, 2012

Film review: Killer Elite

Killer Elite is a film from 2011 about a professional killer whose mission is to do away with three criminals who killed three important people, and all the deaths must seem accidents.

The film is starring by the great Jason Statham and the well-known Robert De Niro. And the woman of the film is the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski.

I liked the trailer, but I was told a bad opinion. However, I don't think so. Here is my personal view:

Things that I like:

- Mr. Statham is in the film. Moreover, Mr. De Niro too.
- This is an action film.
- There is a love story, and the woman is very beautiful.
- There aren't loose ends in the argument.
- The protagonist is intelligent and you are never overwhelm with the argument because he looks shrewd and always knows what to do.

Things that I don't like:

- I'd have liked more cars in this film.
- The love story is too much in the background.
- Several protagonist's friends die.
- The argument is a bit stupid.

And that's all. I recommend this film. If you want to spend an hour and a half, I think you would enjoy watch this instead a comedy. This film is quite good.

RATING: 8.5/10

Music for Sunday night #53

Tonight we'll listen to this great song which I've selected from the radio again for you. Enjoy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Music for Sunday night #52

Tonight we'll listen to a song that I've wanted to put here since some weeks. This is a famous song by Avenged Sevenfold. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

About the moment

- The blog is abandoned because I have no time, and I'll have less next week.
- People who go off. They'll always have a place in my heart.
- I've been obliged to accept someone's friend request. I've had to get all the information about Facebook privacy methods (which are quite flexible), to keep this person out of my FB life. Nowadays, FB is not a place where modern people sign in and where to upload shabby family photos! It's more important than that. It's very important to your social life, which is very important nowadays. (Person to whom I'm writing this, I'd nice whether you leave FB, please).
- I've discovered that tiredness is my fellow traveller.
- ...
- I like drums.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Music for Sunday night #51

Tonight, we'll listen to my favourite heavy metal band, and their song "Sad but True" which I discovered not long ago. Enjoy.