Friday, September 2, 2011

Drumsticks cover

Three days ago, I was surfing in a forum for drummers when I saw an interesting post about a homemade drumsticks cover which the writer did with his mother help. I, as a good drummer, couldn't avoid to forget that.

The next day I told that my mother who is a good seamstress. This afternoon, she had a bit of free time and she could sew one similar for me. Here is the result:
 Simply excellent. It's better than one bought.

This cover isn't to keep your drumsticks. It is for something a bit different. You have to tie the cover around one of your cymbals support or  around some support, and you've to put your sticks into it. So, when you are playing some song, your sticks can fall, then you can take one stick from the bag and follow playing.

Yeah, I know there is a whim, but small details have to be cared.

PS: I didn't publish this in the forum because I don't want   the original writer of the idea feel jealous .

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