Saturday, September 17, 2011

INK Printers

Hello. Today, I'm quite angry (although I'm listening to music rather loud) so I apologize for my vocabulary and errors.

Today, I want to write about INK printers. I hope it's interesting for you.

1.- Kinds of ink printers.

There are two large kinds of printers: Good printers, like HP... Or fucking printers, such as fucking EPSON.

Good printers are printers which people who buy them are proud of the buy, before and after.
Fucking printers are printers which people who buy them are deceived and are proud of the buy for a few days.
Let me show you a comparative.

2.- Myths. Comparative.
  •   1: EPSON printers print with a better quality than the others printers.
Fake. You have to use EPSON printers with low quality option enabled unless you want to go to buy cartridges 40 times per month. Also if you are Bill Gates or if you have a ink factory behind your bed, you can afford to enable photographic quality option BUUUTT you have to BUY EPSON photopaper (I'd call it "EPSON toiletpaper"), because if not, a big shit will be printed by your dear machine. HP have a normal quality when you activate NORMAL quality, this in EPSON world mean "fucking low quality".
  •  2: EPSON printers do a internal cleaning sometimes to extend your printer life.
A bitch woman from customer support told me about this. This is a fucking shit. Each time you switch on your printer you are loosing ink. Why? Umm. [censured]. This way, if you are a lazy boy and are bored you only have to turn on and off the printer around 10 times and your ink will finished like drugs in a party. I've never heard about this in HP.
  •  3: EPSON printers can use only B/W cartridge if you want.
Don't waste your time, EPSON will use always every cartridge. HP doesn't do it.
  • 4: All EPSON cartridges are high capacity. 
I read in a magazine EPSON genuine cartridges let you print about 250 pages each one. I think the guy who writes that was smoking joints in that moment. I feel veery lucky if my B/W cartridge, with low quality enabled, can print 60 pages.
  • 5: EPSON cartridges keep in a bit of ink to avoid the cartridge dry.
If you open a EPSON cartridge after be rejected by the printer you will 48 litres of ink wasted. What do EPSON I do with the ink? Should I sniff it?
  • 6: EPSON cartridges are cheaper than others.
A stone is cheaper and useful than a fucking EPSON cartridge. 
  • 7: EPSON separate the colour cartridge in several ones to be easier to manage them.
Shit, fucking lie. I think EPSON want to you go to the shop 3 times per day to buy cartridges and take advantage to be fit walking. There are 2 possible ways.
    • 7.1 Your colour cartridges are finished same time.
                    Oh! Perfect! You only have to go to the shop and spend the money with which you'd be able to buy one and a half of other mark. 
    • 7.2 You colour cartridges are finished at different time. 
 Great! You won't realise that the money you spend and you also enjoy going to the shop to buy twice more than normal.
3.- Do you think you can hack fucking printers? Read this. 

You can download the fucking "SSC utility" program to try to hack the cartridges' counter, but I don't work unless you have a printer since the third year after Christ. Your printer won't be compatible.

The other way is using a small machine to reset the chip of your cartridges, the trouble is the fucking machine only is able to reset cartridges twice, they have to be genuine and to pass a lot of requirements. 

4.- FAQ and advices. 

- Have EPSON printers got any good characteristic? Yes! Of course!... No, I'm sorry.    
- What should I do? You can burn or hurt your EPSON printer.

Finally, what happen with compatible cartridges? I'll try them soon. I don't mind my printer explode.

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