Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RHCP - I'm with you (Post 100)

Hello, firstly I've to say that it's very difficult for me to write this post well done without start to be crazy because of the exitement. I've also stopped my music player for the same reason.

Well, WELCOME TO THE 100th POST!!! Today is 08.30.2011
As it couldn't have been any other way, this post coincide with the date when new album of Red Hot Chili Peppers is opened.
Here is the fantastic tracklist:

1.Monarchy Of Roses
2.Factory Of Faith
3.Brendan's Death Song
5.Annie Wants A Baby
6.Look Around
7.The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
8.Did I Let You Know
9.Goodbye Hooray
10.Happiness Loves Company
11.Police Station
12.Even You Brutus?
13.Meet Me At The Corner
14.Dance, Dance, Dance

I'm glad to say that this album was one of the most awaited and searched (at least I think so). You can check it by google:
In my opinion, of course the CD is being a surprise. Each song is a surprise, so I'm listening it quietly and paying attention.
I'm disappointed with me, because I'd want to write a good comment of the album, but I don't have a lot of words different to Great, Incredible, Wonderful... 
I recommend you get the CD as soon as you can and enjoy it!!! Their music is really good!!! 

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