Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exam skills

My skills for the exam are improving. I'm very pleased with my progress. I don't feel it but I know I'm knowing more English each time. I think it's like when a person grow up, you feel nothing but in the end you realise.

My English knowledge is very similar. I think I can't learn a lot more but I haven't stopped learning. One day you get up and try to speak in English, you're a slow speaker but you can say all you want to say with efficiency. One night you try to write in a blog which you opened to improve your English, sometimes you think it was a good idea but you want to have go a blog in your language to be able to speak better and to use different expressions which you think in your language. But you follow forward until you realise all you're doing is working. You're able to write almost with no stops and with no too many errors. That's progress.

Sometimes, when you listen to a English person while speak, you think "I won't be able to do that. It's impossible, it's too fast, she's English". But, however you can understand the majority of the words and if you're lucky you understand each word. Then, you can speak, not too fast but fast enough. In those instants I think "you aren't English but you can express yourself and keep a good conversation".

I always use the dictionary in my posts, although less each time. Sometimes I don't mind if the spelling checker has selected the language I'm writing 'cause I'm sure what I do. I like it.

All this text and several things made in these days are product of my preparation for the exam (better said in plural). I recently knew when I pass this exam I'll have to face to a five hours exam which if I'm lucky I'll get to pass. If I get the certificate, in the future, I'll be able to get a work as a secretary or as a manager in a country abroad. I don't want to work as them but this example is necessary to realise that the power of a paper. You can know how to speak English or you can have got a paper which guarantee that you can deal with English people in a job. That's important and difficult. I'm not the most appropriated person to pass the exam according to statistics. I'm not more than 25 and I'm not a woman. But I know I'll get it. I don't have neither a lot of time nor little time, but I know I'll get it because I know I'll get it because I trust in me as a student and as a person.

If you want, you can wish me luck. But I won't fail 'cause I won't consider that possibility until I fail. But it won't happen.

PS: It's time to go bed.

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