Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pendrive reparation

There was an old pendrive in my drawer, my first pendrive. It is around 6 or 7 years old and it has fallen a lot of times. I left it because it wasn't sure to keep my files. It usually failed and in the end, it finished in my drawer. Sometimes I tried to connect it but didn't work. I didn't like having a pendrive and can't use it, and on top of everything all my pendrives are full with linux live SOs. I needed it!

Today, I had a free Saturday afternoon and I tried to fix it. At first glance all was ok, there are not many  things that you can fix in a pendrive. One of these was a suspicious capacitor. It had a wrong pin which doesn't connect with the printed circuit.

I decided to separate the other pin too to solder both better.
It was a bit difficult because, as you can see, I had less than one square mm to solder. I couldn't fail.
Finally I got it!!!
 Yeah! It worked when I plugged in!!! 2 Gb more of fun!
I won 2 things, a pendrive and a bit more of experience.

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