Sunday, April 22, 2012

New design

"You are reading English Drummer Ver. 3.0" has been added to the bottom of the blog. This is the new look of this space. What do you think?

I love design, so, always I can, I pretend to be up to date in this aspect. This change has good and bad sides. The blog load seems a bit slower and the general aspect is a bit more overelaborate, although there aren't any new element. With this look the text maybe lost some importance too. However, I think this better aspect is enough to offset the bad characteristics. Anyway, I can always remove the template later. 
I wanted to introduce something of black colour but I didn't know how. Later, when I thought Blogger needed new templates to choose, I've discovered this one.

It would be really perfect if objects corners were square and not rounded. Would I be able to change it?... I think not...

Well, enjoy.


Oh, dawn! I'm a f*cking God of HTML! I got it!
I didn't change the rounded corners for square ones because it didn't looks fine, however now the corners are almost square but not totally. I like it.

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