Sunday, April 29, 2012

Film review: Real Steel

I saw this film yesterday. Although, it's from 2011, it's already advertised in TV. And, well, it's my verdict:

In Real Steel, a little kid and his father control robots in boxing fights. The film is starring by Hugh Jackman, and the woman of the story is Evangeline Lilly. They are both nice actors, although I've never seen them previously.

Because of the repeated adds, I thought the film would be amazing but it wasn't.

Things that I like:

- The story takes place in the future. (I don't remember exactly when, but years, such as 2017, are mentioned).
- There is lots of technology in the scenes, in the machines...
- Happy end.

Things that I don't like:

- The protagonist is really unlucky, he suffers bad things during all the film.
- The kid is as irritating as a pain in the b*lls. I hate him.
- The love story between the man and the woman stay in the background, because of the father-son love holds the the foreground.
- There is a lot of action but I had to wait to the end to experiment a bit of emotion.
- Good argument, but bad used.
- Predictable argument.

In conclusion, I found the film quite weak, I hoped a great film.

By the way, those people who don't know about films and rate films incorrectly, you know, I'm referring to IMDb users. Well, those people have rated the film with a good mark, 7!!!! 0.4 more than Pirates of the Caribbean 4!!! What is what people over there is smoking???? They have no idea!


RATING: 6.5/10

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