Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dentist afternoon

This afternoon, I've experimented a bad experience, even though it's been better than I thought. I've gone to my dentist. I trust in him very much because I know him very well. So I've gone to the clinic, just for speaking about my treatment. I knew he'd maybe ask me for starting the process just in that moment, and he's done it.

My dentist has dealed with me carefully. He's put in me more anesthetic than I expected and after wait a while, he's extracted me one tooth. I have to say that I've felt NOTHING, any pain. I've been totally surprised. The only pain I felt was when the anesthetic has been put to me, and it hasn't been too much pain. I've been quite happy.

When I was talking to the doctor assistant I've felt dizzy. She was asking me constantly if I was fine. I've answered "yes" to everything.

I'd like to explain how it was. I was talking and I've become to fell with no strength. That wasn't the first time it happened to me, but since the last time it has passed much time. I've felt only a bit strange but I haven't been worried because during the waiting in the waiting room I had almost felt asleep. Last night I didn't sleep many hours and I was quite tired. This and the anesthetic injection was the reason for me of that strange tiredness.

I've seen the lights with more bright and then with less bright. A few seconds later, it's happened again. Lights shone more than normal. Now, I know it is a signal of dizziness. Then in two seconds I'd had to hold on something to hold my balance. I've been taken to the doctor office and I've rested and drunk Coca Cola for a while.

Later, the doctor has come to me and has taken my blood pressure. I felt better. He's told me that I had a big strong heart, and he's looked surprised.

Finally I've left the clinic and have gone back to home.

By the way, the next Tuesday I've got to go again...

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