Sunday, August 26, 2012

The worst moment of my life


A couple of weeks ago I got my mobile phone unlocked. Then I could use any mobile company SIM. Later, I realised my phone didn't have any company logo or sticker. This is something very unusual to my mind. Then, I thought 'Could I do something with my phone's firmware in order to get the original system as I was bought my phone unlocked?' This made me stay researching for a couple of days and then I got the answer.

The worst moment of my life:

The other day I spent the worst moment of my life. I wanted to update my Nokia N85's firmware, so almost a week before, I had been getting information about the process, fails, problems, results... The data I had gotten, mainly from forums, wasn't look very well. Lots of fails, a few solutions, different ways to do the procedure... It's also true that, generally, in forums is where people post problems, so that may be the explanation of why I found so many.

With all that, besides being encouraged by a friend of mine, some trivial problems that maybe can be solved and a lot of free time, I proceed to update my device.

The first step was changing the 'product code'. It is a code of numbers which indicates if the phone is unlocked originally or if it has been modified by some phone company. I changed it with no troubles, then my phone was an original one and not one bought through a phone company.

The next step was update the firmware with the Nokia's pc software 'Nokia Software Updater'. Simply. I had many problems with the connection between the phone and the software. Firstly, it didn't connect well. Secondly, the software order me to connect the phone direct to an USB port and not through a HUB. In the end, it worked. Later the software tried to update my phone but the assistant crashed. My phone display was white, then it was reset and then a white screen with letters. My worst moment was starting.

I did it at least 10 times and my phone did the same things: White screen > Reset > White screen with letters. I was frightened!!! The assistant always crashed. Before crashing it said to me that the screen would be firstly white and then the phone would be reset, BUT NOTHING ABOUT THE FUCK*NG WHITE SCREEN OF THE DEATH!!! You can see how horrible was this screen:

It is ugly and scary!

I was terribly frightened. I tried to calm down with some relaxing music and I left the phone connected with that screen while I searched some help. Lots of people like me but any solution, shit. I browsed a link I kept saved. It was about another way to update my Nokia from the start, but not with official programs and it looked quite difficult and very aggressive with the phone. I would need several programs and I downloaded them.

I was trying to understand the manual when something happened!!!

(Continue in the next post).

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