Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diary of a place without internet 2

Wednesday, August 15th

The first night out  my home. This morning I've gotten up early, too early, not sleeping enough but I wanted to have a big drums session before leave. My family are not used to make plans with a watch, so there is no way to organise anything with them. I hate it. Although, fortunately, I've no problem with playing drums for a long time.

One hour after going in the car, we'd arrived. I've put Kari, my dear guitar, leaned on a wall outside while I was opening the house doors and someone said to me, she had fallen to the ground. Oh, shit!!! I've checked it and all was right, but I feel that crash in my heart yet.

With 35 Celsius degrees outside, I had to participate in the worst thing I am going to do here. We have gone to the hills and I had to work as a farmer. Pick almonds is the f*cking worst thing in the world, although it hadn't been the first time. In the end of the afternoon, we have postponed the work for tomorrow and I've re-checked again I am totally allergic to almond tree with a beautiful rash in my arm.

Some minutes ago, I've watched in one of the little channels that work here, one film trailer which has surprised me. The film has been “The Expendables 2”, and I can say that the first film wasn't very good. (If you don't know, in these films converge several top actors). However, I was totally surprised because of the cast. The actors involved are INCREDIBLE!!! In the trailer I could see: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, CHUCK NORRIS and JASON STATHAM!!! It's amazing! Isn't it?

Now, I should go to bed. I must be waked up in over 5 hours.

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