Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diary of a place without internet 3

Friday, August 17th

After all the night playing with my Play Station, getting up has been hard, even at 2:30 pm.

At 5 o'clock we have arrived to the beach. The beach choice has been a hard match, which I haven't won. In fact, out of 3 possibilities, my parents have made the worst choice to my mind.

The afternoon in the beach has been nothing special. We have swum, eaten, and all those stuff. Particularly, I have made an attempt of reading, but the beach was too noisy. I have also listened to some RHCP's songs there with my MP3 player and my headphones (this was something that I wanted to do). Later I have decided to do the third of fourth attempt of configuring my MP3 player equaliser, and I've GOT IT!!! I usually configure the equalisers of each device with which I listen to music, because with the time, I've ended getting better sound quality than using pre-configured sets. However, I hadn't got to configure my Philips Player's equaliser successfully yet. It has been quite grateful.

Now, I am not hungry and it's 11:30 pm, but I should eat something, and then I plan to spend the night playing video games again.

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