Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diary of a day without internet 4

Saturday. August 18th, the last night.

Another morning getting up early. The first stop has been in a market. Apart from other stalls, I've seen one where music CDs were being sold. I don't know how their owners earn the life having downloads or better shops than them. That's really a mystery for me.

Later, I had to manage mobile phone's things, so I've arrive to the place but the f*cking department which see to phones doesn't work on Saturdays! So, one hour travelling wasted.

By the way, I’ve seen for first time the bulb by Philips which is supposed to work during 25 years. Here is a picture:

Going back, I wanted to stop in a reservoir, but several gates had been installed and they were closed. Moreover, now you have to pay if you want to go through them. Another waste of time.

Tonight, I don't want to forget to say happy birthday to two friends tomorrow, although they born today, but I can't establish any connection with them from here.

In about a half an hour, I'm turning on my Play Station and enjoying like all nights. Tomorrow, I'm going back home. Don't loose the next post of 'Music for Sunday night'!

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