Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miracles exist

This is the second part of the post 'The worst day of my life”. Please, read it before.

In that instance, suddenly my computer was turned off and reset, and my phone emitted a beep. I thought “I haven't done anything”. My computer was restarting and my phone was off. You can imagine how I felt. WTF! I turned on my phone, IT WORKED!!! F*CKING MIRACLES EXITS!!! But it was strange because some things of my phone company was there yet. I checked my FW version, it probably was the same, not updated. But not! It was the new version! My phone company stuff was there yet, but the last step was undone.

I seriously thought 'Well, It now works. I'm the luckiest man in the world. The phone did things it shouldn't have done, it was almost death. I really think this has been a casualty and there is no explanation. I'm the luckiest man in the whole world again. And now, should I do the last step or it is better to be quiet?” I didn't want to think too much, I wanted to finish the procedure well.

The last step was doing a 'hard reset'. It would delete all my data but also the phone company's. I had to enter a code and I did it. With that code, the factory settings were activated, but no more. I thought the code was wrong and I looked for another one on the internet. Another way of doing a 'hard reset' was switching off the phone and pressing 4 buttons at the same time. Pressing them all was not easy...

The phone started to work and this time all had been deleted. Lots of suffering but I had gotten a new phone, quickly as race cars and unlocked.

By the way, the trivial problems (that maybe weren't so trivial has been solved). Now, I've spent almost a day configuring and restoring everything, and I feel like I have a new phone, much better than before for all the work done and the time spent. I'm a happy man.

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