Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sticks review (New sticks Part 2)

I needed to test the sticks! So, I tested with my practice pad. I compared with the anterior sticks and I don't like what I heard. The new sticks was softer. Moreover, it sounded with less bright and it lost a bit of rebound. I didn't like anything.

As soon as I've been able, I tested the sticks with my drum kit, and I've drawed the next conclusions:


- The worst is that the toms sound with less bright and with less sharp.
- The paint can be damaged easily.


- They stand out very much for the color and look very beautiful, unlike the rest of the drummers nearby to me.
- They are very comfortable and lighterThey let me be faster.
- The cymbals, (specially the ride), sound better and brighter.

In conclusion, I think that today it has been a good chance to test new sticks and I don't regret buying them.

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