Thursday, July 28, 2011


In holiday, matters which I can write about are scarce. So, I write about the minimal matter found:

Today, I've bought a new mouse. Until today, I had one lent by my sister because before I used a wireless mouse which work by batteries, and them are always flat at the best time. So, I decided to buy one because I had my sister's mouse several months ago.

When I've gone to the shop, I've surprised. I've always thought that shops in my town was the worst, but I was a bit wrong. When I've asked for the mouses, the shop assistant showed me a loooot of different kinds. There were over 20 different mouses! When I've bought the mine, I didn't realise that it was very cool!

Later, I've opened the packed, and I was very happy with my buy. It is white and black. Its size is neither too big nor too small, it's perfect. It has some buttons more than the others. It has two buttons in the side with which I can advance or go back in internet or in the document explorer. It has also a button in the middle, behind the scroll. That's my favourite feature. It is to changed the dpi's value, which can be 800, 1600 or 2000 dpi. Here, there is a picture:

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