Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New sticks

When I've gone into the music shop, I wanted to buy a new sticks but different than the last ones. I always buy the same sticks and I'm boring.

Before, I had checked out the sticks of one of my favourite drummers, but they were very very expensive because of the material, so I tried to remember the design to search ones with similar style.

Inside the music shop, the shop assistant showed me one type of sticks which I didn't hope. Apart from the sticks with wood color and the sticks with drawings (like tattoos), there were also some pairs painted with a only color. There were three colours available: purple, yellow and black. I chose the black sticks without think. I feared that they cost too much, but I was surprised. If I speak mathematically, I can say that they cost 1.4492 % more than the last sticks, so I accepted gladly.

Later, when I arrived to my house, I realised that something great. I'd just bought  the Steve Gadd sticks. They had her signature. I liked a lot, but there was something which I didn't like, Steve Gadd is a famous drummer, he plays jazz music, I don't play jazz... Maybe I made an error... See it in the next post.

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