Friday, July 1, 2011

Gmail (the plan of the day)

Last night, I thought about change my email account from Hotmail to Gmail. I had thought about this before, and, since I'm on holidays, I thought that it was the time. Google is a innovative company (Google Search, Translator, Docs, Calendar, Chrome... And now Google+), and Microsoft apart from operative systems, it is characterized by no innovate, I am tired of it.

So, yesterday, I created my new account (I liked that now, it isn't necessary to write your mobile telephone number to confirm your account), and the plan for today was configure all my web's profiles again changing the email.

I started well with the networks. The first problems appeared with Youtube.

NOTE FOR READERS: Never, never and never try to change your Youtube email account.

After investigate for a long time, I discovered that it was impossible to change your email, and finally I created a new account.

Later I began with Blogger. A BIG headache was felt by me! Blogger like Youtube is a product of Google, so I had a similar problem, but I discovered the way to do it. When I thought the way, it seemed easy but later... Fortunately my sister lent me a netbook and after an hour I moved my two blogs to my new email.

Finally, I could change easily the rest of the emails of the others websites.

PS: This night, I have written in twitter a sentence which summarize all the post.

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