Sunday, July 10, 2011

Concert 2 review

Today, I've played in other concert. It was as important as yesterday or more.

First, we've arrived very soon to the concert place, after two hours of travel. I've eaten one of the best chocolate ice cream that I've never eat. I bought it in a shop called "Huertas".

Then, we've started a parade which a lot of musicians considered a stupid thing. Later we've acted the first. I didn't want to act the first anyway, but after the concert, I've realised that it's been the best.

We've played very good and very strong, like I like. The second band has had a big error, the director has decided to tune the instrument just before to start to play, therefore, the people have had to wait a lot of time. The actuation hasn't been bad, but it's been tooooooo long.

For the last band, a lot of people have left the auditory, they're  tired. The band played good but also the actuation has been horribly long.

Before come back to home, we've dined. I'm very very angry, because when I wanted a bit of water, the stupid waiter told me that the water had to be paid by me, and for me, (a water drinker), it's a very important insult.

Finally, I've come back to home accompanied by the night and by my dearest Red Hot CP. until the battery of my mobile phone left me.

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