Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The start, but easier

Today, it has been the start. I've hardly finished Christmas holidays yet when I am immersed in the routine again. All begin that morning, I didn't remember that there are people woke up so early. The change in my sleep hours hasn't hit me as strong as I thought, all thanks to my schedule change plan, which this time I didn't plan, but later, I realised I did the right.

The routine started without work very hard, but it hasn't neither been a relax day. I returned to my work with English. Writing an English blog helps me quite a lot with speaking, but I've noticed I have to improve my pronunciation (reading aloud), and my listening. I might read aloud, it doesn't take much of my time. But I refuse to watch films in English because I don't enjoy them 100%, and of course I'd need some time to spend in that. So, I think I'll listen some English radio instead...

Later, the sound of 4 garden gates without oil and amplifying it 3 times sounds better than my clarinet. Tomorrow I'll see what I do to solve it.

And that's everything. This seems to me a start like a September one, but knowing how will be my routine.

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