Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today has been the day! Marks day!

This morning, I've had the computer switched on during a couple of minutes. I knew that my exam results would be available, but I wanted to wait until get home and look my marks quietly. But I couldn't resist.

I opened gmail and logged in, I needed to find some necessary data to access the result page, suddenly I began feel nervous. I got the data quickly. Then I went to Google search, I was looking for Cambridge's results, Dawn! I couldn't remember how to write "Cambridge" correctly!!! I got more nervous. I logged in, and... PASS What?? PASS

Yeah, that was the best moment of the day. I wanted to check my exact mark, I clicked, 82 out of 100 Greeeeeaaatt!!!! Happiness rivers flowed in me.Finally, I ran to Twitter and shared my happiness.

Good job.

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