Sunday, January 8, 2012

Road birds

This afternoon, I've gone to a normal shopping mall. Because of the little sleep hours, I was quite tired, there was nothing new and I was also bored. Until............: Just I turned a corner, I found a small motorbike exposition. The machines were second hand but I didn't realise at first moment. They looked great, totally clean, it was impossible to notice they had been used before. The clues were the kilometre meter (in motorbikes with analogical clocks), and the incredibly cheap price.

The majority of motorbikes were low powered, I ignored them... However there were a few ones that amazed me, like the Yamaha YZF R6, a great machine although it was the new model, quite uglier than it predecessor. It also was a Buell but even though it isn't the ugliest motorbike, the other made it look so. I ignored it too...

And! WHAT! I found one of my favourite motorbikes!!!, the SUZUKI GSX 1000!!!, and yellow!, really a good machine, big engine, powerful, amazing. Yeah, one of my favourite, I've always thought that. And, I couldn't evade taking that photo. Enjoy it. Beautiful. Please, click in the picture and enlarge it.

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