Monday, January 23, 2012

SOPA. Backward step

A good new has been written in all blogs in the last hours. Lamar Smith, the same asshol* who started SOPA, has decided to retire it for the time being. They say that they need to "revise" it... We can't say that's not a good new, but the thing is that they don't give up! Now, they're trying to think in another law (probably less aggressive) to end with piracy (wrong word for this). It seems anything will be like before.

In turn, Anonymous continues working and harder. And their effort is working.

Apart form this, personally, I know whatever the USA government do will be insufficient to stop the piracy, but then, internet will have to change very much and later we'll have to learn how to use the new internet, moreover, the worst is these big changes spend a lot of time...

Anyway, We must be optimist.

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