Monday, August 8, 2011

New keyboard

I've been making some surveys until some months ago, when I got the points quantity necessary to obtain a discount ticket. I had to use it because otherwise it'd expire, so, as I bought a new mouse not long ago, I decided to spend the money in a new keyboard.

Then I obtained a discount ticket for a shop which is not for silly costumers, called "María Márquez"* and I exchanged it.

I like the keyboard. It's very slim and silent. And it's very beautiful! However I paid very very little money for it.

Today, I've plugged the it. Firstly tried to connect it in a PS/2 port 'cause I usually connect the keyboards this way, but there was a problem and the multimedia keys didn't work, so, I plugged it in a USB  port and all worked OK. Later, to save USB ports, I connected my mouse in a PS/2 one, and now all is working perfect.

I love consumerism. Pictures:

*: Information thanks to JuanFra RC

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