Friday, August 26, 2011

Important dilemma

I have an important dilemma. And I'm very worried because of it.

Yesterday, I surfed in RHCP website an I read something about the new album, you could listen to it in iTunes, but as I don't use iTunes, I didn't attach importance.
Today, I've just been surfing in other computer, not in the mine. It had installed iTunes, so I've entered and I've checked something bad. THE NEW ALBUM WAS AVAILABLE TO LISTEN IN STREAMING, FULL.
I don't know what you think, but it IS NOT GOOD! That's not good to my conscience!

Thanks to this, now, I'm having a dilemma! Oh sh**
These are the options:

Damn possibility 1: I could ignore it and wait to Tuesday, when the album will be opened, as a good fan.

Damn possibility 2: - According to my computing knowledge, I could extract the audio from iTunes and get the album now.

I have an inkling about what to do, although I'll write it in the next post.

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