Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The silly week

For some reason I feel obligated to write a post about the new beginning. Moreover, I have to this is a good practice for my writing exam I'll do tomorrow.

The thing is easy to describe. We've started. A few people with resignation and calmness, and other people with too much will and happiness. I think I am in a boring period of time. At this moment I have almost any doubt about what to do next. It's just walk the way quietly and all will be alright. I will continue waiting, the day will come.

Meanwhile, we'll try to get to the Saturday of this silly week safe and sound. But before leaving, I have to repeat one of the first ideas I posted on this blog's beginnings:

<You realise the time goes quickly when you look back, but if you look at the present you don't feel so.>

(Not applicable to holidays), hahaha.

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