Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New PC

Last Saturday three PCs came to my hands. As usual, they needed to be fixed. The first two machines wasn't for me, the reparation was easy and soon they were working, so I gave them back to their owner. But the third computer was for my use..

It didn't have neither the necessary components to work. A week before that Saturday, my computer was almost broken and slowly, and finally that day just didn't work. So, it was about time to work.

Of course, I thought about fixing my PC and not consider the other, because, as I've said, it was very incomplete. The surprise came when I tried to run it to check the system specs. The PC had a Pentium 4, 3 Ghz, 1 Gb of  RAM and a good mother board with AGP slot.

I liked that, so I used my computer to complete the other. I needed the power supply, the reader units and the sound card. Besides an additional HD and a graphic card.

Then, I had to do the worst part. I downloaded the drivers, installed all my programs, did all the configurations, customize the Windows interface, and copy my files from my old HDs.
I've just noticed how easy is writing it, but this took me the whole Sunday and Monday, and I did all in record time.

Now I'm writing this from the mentioned PC of which I feel proud. Moreover, it's INCREDIBLY quick, even with all my apps installed. I did't hope so much speed. By the way, I can feel the heat which proceeds from the processor. It will be good in Winter.

I hope the computer works well for many years, and I also hope not to broke more DDR memories. (I'm having 6 bad DDRs on my desktop, all broken in record time, I'm surprised).

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