Thursday, February 2, 2012

PC Reparation

An hour ago, I've finished fixing a PC with which I've learned some useful things. The first problem to solve was that the Pc had a motherboard supplied by 2 power cables, well, one of these was unplugged.

SATA hard disks, the second problem. I wanted to start to install Windows XP on the PC, but this Windows edition and SATA disks don't get on with each other. I spent centuries looking for SATA drivers, but the motherboard brand was stranger than an American person on bike and I couldn't find what I searched. Finally I found an option y BIOS menu to emulate a IDE disk, I didn't find any disadvantages so I chose it.

The last problem was devices drivers. It was a bit difficult but fortunately, all the hardware were known brands and I could find all I needed.

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