Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advices against Twitter fake followers

I've just read a post about advices to avoid Facebook fakes and I've decided to write one about Twitter fake followers based on my own experience.

What am I speaking about?

Twitter fake followers are fake Twitter accounts created to send to users spam links with lots of advertising and probably with malware.


Fake accounts follow you and mention you in tweets, therefore they appear in your mentions timeline.

Avoid them

The thing is that since some months ago Twitter has implemented a link shortener, so you can't know what is hidden behind a link, but there are some points (very obvious) with which you can recognise a fake account.

-Firstly, the profile picture is usually a stunning woman, although it may not.

-Secondly, the number of people that these accounts follow is too large.
-Thirdly and maybe the most important, these twitters publish only a very few tweets.

Be careful.

Update (Apr 1, 2012)

There is a website which let you know the real direction of a shorted link, so you'll be able to see where goes the shorted link twitter fake followers send to you.

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