Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cartridges bargain

According to my tests, Epson won't get more of my money. The other day I made up my mind to buy compatible cartridges for my printer. I was frightened because of what I read in forums, people said cheaper, compatible or refilled cartridges weren't a good deal because ink in these cartridges is of poor quality and not as dense as the original one, so it might be troubles in the ink injectors, over all in my printer model in which the injectors aren't in the cartridges unlike HP printers, otherwise they are into the machine and they're irreplaceable.

The guy of the computer shop said to me in several occasions he hadn't had any problem with these compatible cartridges, so he persuaded me to buy them.

I bore all the details in mind, the appearance is good, the cartridge box design isn't poor, the finish is good, the cardboard is coated and of good quality and the ink used to print the box is of good quality too. There is a paper with the instructions clearly explained and in several languages well translated and it isn't written in Chinese. The cartridge pattern is a bit more simple. Finally, the website is under construction but the main page is well designed and in English, not in Chinese. (

Yesterday I tested two of them and the result was good and the machine didn't print any wrong line or strange mark. I hope to have no problems because if all continues right, I'll get a great bargain, mainly because I usually print with the black cartridge (one of the four cartridges), and I can get one of these black cartridges for 3.95 €.

So, for now, good deal.

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