Saturday, December 3, 2011

The next day

Friday has finished. We are almost on the day after. Friday went off quickly.

All began waking up at 6:15, an awful time to get up. RHCP were with me during all the trip, they made a good job. Then I got in there. The exam wasn't bad. We were only a few people, and when a quarter an hour had hardly passed, we felt confident.

In the the part where we need to take the exam in pairs, I was lucky, a very friendly and beautiful girl did the exam with me. We both had spoken each other, so, at least for my part I didn't get nervous at any moment, and to my mind, this is very strange...

I know I haven't done it perfectly, and if the marking way was like in a traditional exam (50 points or more = passed) I would be sure I would pass, but the less mark possible to pass is 70 points... So, I don't know what to think... Maybe, I pass well, maybe only with the less mark possible... A fail is a possibility too, but I prefer not to speak about that...

Anyway, now I can do nothing, I will be able to check my mark on 18th January, so we will wait and see.

By the way, I took a keepsake from a place near to the exam location:

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