Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New design

I haven't been able to wait, here is the new design! The blog has only changed a bit, several new elements, but I feel I continue in the same place, although newer (and smarter).

Mainly, this was the objective, implement a new aspect according to blog designs of nowadays, ready for 2012. Before, it seemed it had been created in 2005...

As you can see, my dear sea continues in the bottom. Now the "blogger" bar on the top is almost transparent. All the sources of the page are new, and there is a new button "home" to go to the main page. In the sidebar, we can see a picture of God rocking, a quote by me which enclose all I feel regarding to music, and the other elements which always have been there.

I believe I've paid attention to every detail, even though I might make some little changes. It's all for now!

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