Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting for cymbals

Two weeks ago, I was sad. My drum kit, better said, my cymbals have a detestable sound. I was worried for the quality of the sound of the band. It was not good and that was not well because the sound was prejudicial. Fortunately I thought in a good friend who lent me his cymbal for the concert.

Last weekend, I saw a little rock band which I had seen before (I wrote about that some days ago). I looked to the drummer during some time and I thought that he played better than the last time. I realized that he had a lot of cymbals and he used them a lot (I realized I don't do that). Then I decided that it was the moment to spend some money.

Today, It has been ordered a new cymbals set. I know that they aren't the best cymbals, but I'm completely sure that they will be better than the mine ones. So I'm waiting for cymbals.

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