Monday, June 13, 2011

Technology project = headache

I don't know why but I feel very tired...

All has started this morning. I and my technology partner went to technology class. We, like usually, have taught our project (a car) and we've begun to work. On the one hand the transmission doesn't work because the engine wasn't so powerful as we think. So the car stayed stopped. On the other hand the car wheels were too little separated from the floor... So @#5987qwrenlñkeuqe (I don't know how to curse in English yet).

In the same morning, my technology teacher told me something like this "The method to work in our country is build something without think and after solve the problems, so in the end our works are disasters".

Later in my house, I was going to try to save the car of a fail. Then I've thought about those words and I've decided to do a good work. So after almost three hours of hard work, I've finished of solve the problems why tomorrow we will be able to follow normally.

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