Monday, March 18, 2013


I've just repaired a television, and I feel great. I'm writing now that it works, I hope it keeps working for a long time, because if not, people will come to me.

Once this is said, I have to tell that it's fantastic doing these things. The fixed TV was a old TRC one, so thanks to whoever I read something in the internet before I touched it too much. These TVs are very very dangerous, well, you can die easily if you touch them not taking care. They store a great amount of volts, over 25.000 V in a component called "the flyback" for months after the last unplugging. If you don't discharge the machine before working, this voltage can kill you in just a second. A TV like this looks dangerous just looking inside...

Apart from that, and maybe because of the issue, in this TV there were also parts charged with 300 volts which can injure your skin. This is not a game.

Anyway I did it, and I feel so good possibly for how I've dealt with these dangers. I've had more than one and two bad experiences with electricity in my life and someday I will turn out hurt, but not today.

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