Sunday, March 31, 2013

Difficult choices.

I found you, my new trainers.

Oh, dear, I'm becoming more picky as the time goes by. You won't believe what I have done for a new pair of trainers.

At least two or three years have passed since I bought my Joma 360. Great trainers, comfortable as hell,  more good-looking than I expected, and very very durable. But they did their work and it was about time to let them rest in peace.

And there went the big problem. How the hell could I find a worthy successor? I knew it would be like a headache.

I started just searching. I visited lots of shops but nothing. Of course I spent plenty of my lifetime looking in the internet. I can't remember how many hours I spent in Amazon. Everything but anything.
I was given a 10% discount coupon for a local sport shop chain, but even so I didn't succumb.

Later, I travelled even more kilometres and visited a new bunch of shops. I liked two items and I took some photographs to compare later. More kilometres, more photographs, more kilometres and of course, petrol. My fucking mobile phone failed me again AGAIN, battery ran out. (I think my phone has coped very well with the time and it is still useful, but dawn, it has left me in the lurch so many times...).

I had no photos to compare but however I found them. They were a pair of sizes bigger than I thought they would be. Beautiful black and red. I bought them.

Now I hope they are so comfortable as they look because I still have to test them. Do you want to see them? Please click here, Although in the photographs they don't look as well as in reality.

I feel happy now. Hope to enjoy them.

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