Thursday, January 10, 2013

The machine

The other day, for first time in lots of years, I bought a laptop (I'm writing with it). I was all the Christmas holidays searching for the best offer until late in the morning. First of all, I wanted to buy an Asus laptop. It was very very good, and it was very affordable. However, due to its powerful graphic card (which was mid range), the machine became too hot and restarted. It wasn't a common fail to all the units, but lots of customers suffered from it.

So, after thinking a lot, I got rid of the idea of the great deal Asus laptop and I went for another brand.
I chose Toshiba. Of course, I had to pay quite a lot more, but I considered it was worthwhile.

Now, I have it in my hands. I got a beautiful and powerful Toshiba Satellite laptop which is working fine for the time being. What I am doing know is testing if the battery works correctly and I already have more than one hour and a half to play.

Maybe the battery is not very good. According to the test it life is over 3 hours and a half, not too much, and in fact, it is physically small. The adapter is the opposite, because it weighs near three tones and is bigger than two school buses.

For now, I am happy with it. I hope it never breaks.

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