Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm 8

As I said to you I got a new laptop. It is common that a machine comes with Windows 7 home basic or premium pre-loaded. Those versions were designed for home non professional use, so I wanted to upgrade it to Ultimate version. I spent some days asking in forums how to do it, because new laptops are more difficult things to manage with than PCs. 

For example, there is a partition in the hard drive called "Recovery" that allows you to format your laptop or restore to factory default settings, and it is very delicate. So a clean installation was a difficult way. Then, I decided I would update from the system and some computer things more.

When I received my laptop, it came with Windows 8 inside.

Well. Some holiday hours lost...

It looked a good version to try. I mean, it didn't look basic or for beginners, and well! It is the last trend in computer operative systems! So I tried it.

I've only one day in migrate from my old Windows XP with some incompatible programs to W8. That is because my new toy is quick. Very quick.

It is amazing how stupid I felt the first time I started W8, but it is more incredible how fast I have learned to use it very fluently. I like this system. I'll keep using it. So, now, I am officially 8.  

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